United Kingdom

Research within the UK was carried out by Elaine Chase and Robert Walker from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention (University of Oxford) and comprised four consecutive stages:

  • Cultural norms and values with respect to poverty and shame were examined through an analysis of 30 British novels spanning 150 years combined with an analysis of some 30 British social realist films. 
  • Experiences of living in poverty were explored through in-depth interviews with 42 adults (31 women and 11 men) and 22 children and young people facing economic hardship.
  • General public views and perceptions about poverty in the UK were explored via a) focus group discussions  with adults and young people not currently living in poverty;  and b) analysis of a random sample of newspaper coverage of poverty and welfare issues in the UK over a five year period. 
  • UK Welfare and anti-poverty policies were examined to consider the extent to which they were likely to contribute to or prevent a sense of shame among people in receipt of public welfare.

UK interviewees from the Rich Man Poor Man film

'Rich Man Poor Man' UK interviewees from Social Policy and Intervention on Vimeo.

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