Research within Pakistan was carried out by Sohail Choudhry from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention (University of Oxford) and comprised four consecutive stages:

  • Cultural norms and values with respect to poverty and shame were examined through an analysis of 28 Pakistani collections of Short Stories and Poetry over the last three hundred years period.  
  • Experiences of living in poverty were explored through in-depth interviews with 40 adults (21 men and 19 women) and 18 children and young people facing economic hardship.
  • General public views and perceptions about poverty in Pakistan are to be explored via a) one focus group discussion with ten members of Pakistani parliament b) a focus group with senior civil servants c) a focus group with members of civil society d) two focus groups with the randomly selected people not currently living in poverty;  and e) one focus group with children and young people not experiencing poverty
  • Pakistan historical evolution of Welfare and anti-poverty policies were examined to consider the extent to which they were likely to contribute to or prevent a sense of shame among people in receipt of public welfare.

Pakistan interviewees from the Rich Man Poor Man film

'Rich Man Poor Man' Pakistan interviewees from Social Policy and Intervention on Vimeo.

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